Interchange for National Poetry Day

Thursday 4 October

13:08-14:28 Huddersfield to Sheffield
14:35-15:50 Sheffield to Huddersfield

Interchange was a participative poetry event on the Penistone Line for National Poetry Day 2018

People could embark at any station on the Penistone Line to hear poetry and writing curated by the Dwell Time artist collective and to join in with words of their own, either brought to the event or written on postcards provided at the event. Each participant receives a limited edition pin badge.


All contributions will be included on the Dwell Time blog and considered for publishing in the Dwell Time newspaper.

In to change
Change your mind
Change your life
Change your Thursday
Change your head space
Change your view, as the world gently slides on by

All change
Train information
Letting off steam
All aboard
Onwards journey
Next destination

As it says in the song, “Change your heart, look around you, change your heart, it will astound you.” Can we change your heart with Interchange?

Poems read on the Penistone Line for Interchange include (in no particular order):

Young Man at a Window by Patti Mckenna-Jones

Heart -Journey by Patti Mckenna-Jones (2018)

Tania Robertson – Bamboo Junction

SENSES by Roderick Huw Evans

MORPHINE by Roderick Huw Evans

A NUT ELEGY by Roderick Huw Evans

Cut Up/Found Poetry Workshop at Creative Barnsley

Kidding around on a train by Gill Melling

Transformation by Ben Barton

Donald W Falconer – Poet

Amber Agha – Re-Union

Amber Agha – Playground

The benefits of being a sieve by Ben NCM

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

A Change of Menu by Banjo Paterson

The Seedling by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Caterpillar by Christina Rossetti

Elegy Iii: Change by John Dunne

Change by Kathleen Jessie Raine

For Want of a Nail – Anon

The Way Through the Woods – Rudyard Kipling

Child’s Song in Spring by E. Nesbit

And… by Vanessa Haley

I by Vanessa Haley

Change Upon Change by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Front Door by Imtiaz Dharker

Cynicism by Vanessa Haley

plus selected poems by Amanda Samm, Lenny Szrama and Joan.

Dwell Time is a newspaper of art, poetry and writing reflecting on mental wellbeing. It is curated by artists Alice Bradshaw, Vanessa Haley and Lenny Szrama and produced for the Penistone Line in partnership with the Penistone Line Partnership.

Interchange is a Dwell Time event for National Poetry Day produced in partnership with Hear My Voice, Creative Recovery Barnsley and Penistone Line Partnership.

Hear My Voice is funded by Barnsley TUC Training Ltd with additional support from Barnsley Museums. For the latest Hear My Voice events visit: