Interchange: Transformation by Ben Barton


Today this carriage is a chrysalis

For twenty minutes I’ll restock and move on

from my first instar.


Winter-hardy, like shutters closing inward
My mind calms.


The passing scene, many into one

Green, a gentle stream

With each, I begin to molt

Taking breaths from inside this shell.


By the time the train pulls in

I’ll have transformed: a new me

To face the outside

Brighter, still unshaven

though colour in my cheeks.


First stop, the station platform

Next, the world.


Ben Barton

Kent, UK.

Ben Barton’s poetry has been widely published in the UK and USA. His new book The Hospital is soon to be published by Cultured Llama. Nominated for the Canterbury Poet of the Year Award and the Erbacce Prize, he works as a professional copy and travel writer. He has a website at

© Ben Barton 2018


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