INTERCHANGE: Heart -Journey by Patti Mckenna-Jones (2018)

Heart – Journey

I made you Alice:

A sandwich of cells by week 3

Anvilled heart, ante-natally canny

Singing by six months

6 weeks gave you voice, ears – could you see?

I drummed you a soul by 9 months (by week 9 you had arms and legs did you?)

Dancing in your lair at 14 months

(14 weeks threaded bone on sinew)

Velociraptors had ‘elegant sufficiency’

At dinner

Compared to me

That dinner of apricot sauerkraut gave us hiccups for nearly a week

Swimming widths in my stomach whilst I almost dreamt

Your marbled vernix; skin so sleek

‘Another boy but tougher’ I mused in bed as kicking your dad,

between organs you’d dive.

After I made you, I was reconfigured

Hauled back from blistered lips

Skin left outside in a deep caesarean smile

Mica –glistening stones, knees, elbows, ankles, ornamental, crone

(Week 23 eyebrows, fingerprints of tin and guile)

Your nails are grown;

It’s time for your journey.


By Patti Mckenna-Jones 2018



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