Issue 2


Issue 2 cover artwork: Henry by Lizzie Thurman

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Wednesday 15 July 2020, 12noon

Covid-19 has put the world on hold and Dwell Time postponed their Issue 2 launches in March as the UK went into lockdown. In place of the live events scheduled in March, an online launch in July will feature their original film programme focussing on mental wellbeing.

The online launch programme features selected films by Lucy Barker & Ben NCM, Louis Benoit, Community Rail Cumbria, Robert P. Clarke, Ralph Dartford, Leo Fernandez-Arias, Katie Gornall, Finn Harvor, Sophie Hoyle, Janet Lees, Robert Lowe, Maciej Piątek, Laura Potts, Carolyn Richardson, Libby Scarlett.

Dwell Time’s YouTube Channel will feature the film programme from 12noon on Wednesday 15 July 2020. Discussions about the films are welcomed on the Dwell Time facebook and twitter pages from 12noon, welcoming feedback and comments about the films and the issues they raise plus links to related artworks and support.

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Issue 2 Contributors:

Alice Bradshaw, PetuniArt, Amy Rowe, Bob Clayden & Rose Knight, Brian Horton, Brian Webster, Byron Reece Jones, Charlotte Tebbet, Cherene Pearl, Chloe Roberts, Chris Thompson, Clare Smith, CLO, Daiane Medeiros, Daisy Imogen Buckle, Damian Robin, Danny Verno Smith, Darrell Urban Black, David Fennell-Roberts, David Tebbet, Debbie Nicholson Wood, Dianne Murphy, Donna Coleman, Dorothy Megaw, Gaba Berretoni, Geraldine R Montgomerie, gobscure, Heather Cobb, Heather Hill, Helly Fletcher, Ina Prodanova, Jake Francis, James Hallinan, James Tweedie, Jane Walker, Janet, Jeannie Driver, Jenny Meehan, Jessica Longmore & Sarah Sanders, Jimmy Andrex, Joanne Coates, Jon Wilkins, Joy Bishop, Kelly Anne Elms, Latifah A. Stranack, Lenny Szrama, Lewis Andrews, Lieske Weenink, Lisa Kendrick, Lizzie Thurman, Louisa Johnson, Luke Beech, Mandy Rees, Marta Daeuble, Martin Gillbanks, Mary Lee Slade, Mehreen Hashmi, Miss Esther Photography, N Hanson, Natalia Tcherniak, Nick Maynard, Paula de Sousa, Paula J Horton, Phil Watson & Ben Whewall, Pinkie Maclure, Qi Fang, Rajvinder Kaur, Rhiannon Rees, Rina Taytu, Robert Fowler, Robert Lowe, Robert P Clarke, Robert Roth, Sally Brown, Samantha Simpson, Sampy Sicada, Sarah Lucks, Sean Worrall, Spencer Brown, Stephanie Ingham, Stephen Pinnell, Stephen Smith, Sue Bevan, Susan Plover, Terence Wilde, Teri Anderson, The Childrens Art School, The Train Lady, ThePlyLaura, Tracey Waddington, Valeriya Vakutina, Vanessa Haley, Venessa Lagrand, Vienna Forrester.