Divorce-19 by Ellie Waters

A digital diary and out reach, my attempts to stay sane and stay connected with the outside world when me and my parents found ourselves testing positive for Covid-19 at the start of the pandemic.

This project, displayed in digital format, initially through my instagram account and now my website, explores our ‘six week crash course’ with dealing with the virus, and each other.

Project introduction:

Dad was the 49th person in New Zealand to test positive for Covid- 19, kick starting my six-week crash course on how to live with (tolerate) your parents whilst infected with a potentially deadly virus.

If I were to sum up 2020 in one word it would be ‘frantic’ or ‘cheese-on-toast’. It was treacherous, scary and overall slow but for me it was also precious. It was a period of time I otherwise would not have spent with my hilarious – and at times highly agitating – parents.

What follows here is my somewhat ‘lockdown diary’, funny at times and slightly triggering at others. I hope by sharing our story I can contribute to the wider conversation of ‘lockdown’ and how that looked and felt for different people. Which, in this case was one confirmed positive, two probable’s and a dog that had no choice but to be there.

A photo-based artists, I often work on long-term social documentary projects exploring my built and natural environments. With my own history of emigration, from Northern England to Aotearoa, New Zealand (and back and forth), my work often challenges notions of home and belonging, and how we come to identify with our landscape.


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