Reflecting in the Woods by Vian Borchert

This paintings is inspired by my walks in the woods next to where I reside. I live by a park that has a beautiful lake and many tall trees. Nature is a source of solace for me to meditate upon especially when I want to reflect on life and how our world is shaping. For me, nature brings much needed calm to my soul amid uncertain times.

I am an expressionist artist, I consider all my artwork to be visual poems. Art for me is a universal language by which all comprehend. I aim to connect with people through my visual world and vision. My artwork is an accumulation of my dreams and journeys. Hence, the art translates what constitutes a dream, be it looking up at the clouds or pondering upon the beauty of nature. My art is a reflection of my life’s journey along with connecting the past to the present while approaching the future in wonderment to what it brings.

Stay inside, dwell on it (2021) by Nicola Arnold

Monoprint on archival paper.

During lockdown, I was furloughed and had to give up my studio space as I could no longer afford it. I had to adapt my artistic practice to fit the confines of my tiny flat, so I began creating these small monoprints using recycled materials, like cereal boxes and Tetra Pak cartons. I’m very grateful that I was able to continue making work as it helped keep me sane, but clearly the prints I produced during that time (and continue to make) were heavily influenced by the general nationwide feelings of hopelessness.

Nicola Arnold is an artist who lives and works in central Bristol. In recent years, printmaking has grown to become the most important strand of her practice. The main visual elements of Nicola’s work often draw from architecture and blueprints, while the overall presence of the prints remains unassertive and dream-like. Nicola graduated from the University of Worcester in 2017 with a BA in Fine art before moving to Bristol to complete her MA at UWE, graduating in 2020.

Rapunzel and Lockdown by Saadeh George


I shall grow my hair
In Rapunzel’s memory.
Anyway my hair salon
In lockdown, is quite far
It will be long and with waves
Ishtar free us all I pray

Has all humanity become prey
To a virus, tearing our hair?
Or is it only me longing for the waves,
Sometimes trying to erase a memory
Now faint and far?
From home?

Already exiled from my childhood home
In the mountains where we used to play
My arms don’t reach that far
To the garden where I saw that hare
Pine trees and salty waters memory
Seashores and seashells caressed by waves

Visions of poetry and music waves
As I pace up and down in the salon
As I stumble on a sweet memory
As I make wishes and pray

Mother ship now so far
With native and alien waves
Winds gently touching faces and hair
Whilst I wander from bedroom to kitchen at home
Let’s all kneel and pray
Kids and grown ups will soon celebrate the memory
Of a man from Galilee, a land now captive and far
To our gods we ask and pray
Our Prayers carried by only waves
To those isolated and so alone
To feel love in their hearts and tickle their hair
Sending passionate vibes in waves
Ishtar make this reality a memory
In this and every home.

Saadeh 19/3/2020

Lockdown was atraumatic and harsh experience but with the support of my colleagues (Riverside Artists Group) and poetry zoom workshops, I was able to be creative and productive, keeping in touch with fellow creative humans.

Waiting for the Pool to Open Again by Cat Barrett

I painted a lot during the lockdown, especially empty pools. I was thinking about all those lovely summery places that were empty with the water flat and still, no children splashing around, no music by the poolside, no mums reading and dads snoozing. This piece is about that feeling of emptiness and stillness. It’s not a bad feeling, I’m really attracted to the contrast between busy water and flat still empty pools.

I am watercolour artist living in Ilkley, Yorkshire. I studied Fine Art at Batley College of Art and Design, but most of what I have learnt has been though my own experimentation and practice. I have a studio at home, looking out onto the garden and the moors beyond which I share with my pet birds (and sometimes a twelve year old kid too).

I paint landscapes, animals, birds, plants and sometimes abstract work too. The landscape and wildlife here in Ilkley cannot fail to inspire artists. My abstract work is mostly about the how earth’s nature looks so random, but inside it is full of structure and maths and science. In my abstract work you will find oceans, crystals, geometry, structure, flowing watery paint and controlled lines. I love blue, ocean blue, sky blue, and that funny blue you see in the bottom of open mines when water collects at the bottom.

I mostly paint in watercolour and inks, sometimes in acrylic. I really care about the materials I use and the surface I paint on, and I try to ensure that my work will be lightfast and last a lifetime. I also care that my prints are good quality, which is why I print them myself in my studio. I have run a larger print business before, so I have lots of experience in producing high quality reproductions.

If you would like to see my work in person then local restaurant Host in Ilkley have decked their lovely restaurant out in my work. Their food is excellent so I would advise you to book a table and take a look at my work, while enjoying some of Joel’s delicious dishes. I also exhibit at Ilkley Art Show and I’m a member of Ilkley Arts too, so you can sometimes see my work as part of an exhibition at the Manor House in Ilkley.

I have a little family, a real job, five birds and a fish tank (more water!).