Nueva Realidad by Pedro Hernández

En la era post-pandémica los gobiernos hablaban que debíamos adaptarno a una “Nuerva Realidad”

In the post-pandemic era, governments spoke that we should adapt to a “New Reality”

Concibo la pintura como un “presente” que camina hacia el pasado pensando en el futuro próximo o lejano, dependiendo la necesidad, la angustia o la incomprensión sobre lo mismo que estoy pintando. Pintar así no es exactamente una reflexión si no más bien una introspección sobre la base de tus propias limitaciones y por ende tus propias frustraciones y tu pánico.

I conceive of painting as a “present” that walks towards the past thinking about the near or distant future, depending on the need, the anguish or the incomprehension about the very thing I am painting. Painting like this is not exactly a reflection but rather an introspection based on your own limitations and therefore your own frustrations and panic.

Empathy – ‘If only we had talked’ by Allan Midcalf


We could have gone out for a pint?

The trees are so lovely at this time of year,

A walk would have been good,

That circular walk in the Dales, beautiful,

If only I had given him a ring,

Why did I not just give him a ring?

We played Rugby together,

I wish I had called for him to go to the match,

Why that tree?

The trees are so magnificent at this time of year,

‘If only we had talked’


oil on board 8 x 10 inch painted in 2021

©allanmidcalf words and painting (please contact me if you are to use either)

I paint in my garden studio, or En plein air, I take my inspirations from nature and landscape, of the Dales, Northumbria and the northern coast. I paint in oils and watercolour, I like to draw and love charcoal marks. However I paint what I want, and where takes my fancy, and recently after doing Portraits for NHS Heroes have been doing more portraits.

Watching Lakes and Skies by Fiona Stewart

This piece was a created as a response to feeling disconnected from society following the after affects of lockdown. It depicts a place I often return to when I day dream; the view of the water and sky at a local lough. My memory of that day is a little dis-jointed, which is reflected in the piece.

Size: 8 x11 inch on card
Mixed media – acrylics, inks, pencil and tape

I have been working as a visual artist since 2015.

My work is inspired by themes of nature and emotion. I like to combine stark abstract marks and a frantic painting style to create pieces filled with energy. I am inspired by my surroundings and how they make me feel, think and remember.

I primarily work on canvas, but in the past some pieces have been created on layers of glass.

Four Seas One Home by Hong Yane Wang

The title of short film Four Seas One Home is the translation of a Confucian saying. The phrase evokes the notions of home, belonging and displacement. It carries new significance in today’s conflicted and fragmented world.

We see a mix of real sea footage and digital ‘sea waves’ coded on computer, mirroring the post-Covid reality that has change the way we live, work, and travel. The visually crude digital sea and animated fishes subtly satirise a future world where nature only exists in a virtual form.

Password: HYW

Artist statement

I work in the VFX industry for film and TV. In 2020 my industry was badly affected by the pandemic and I had to take a long unpaid leave from my job. During this time, in an attempt to stay positive and creative, I taught myself coding. I wanted to use data visualisation to track the pandemic. The outcome is my project called The Covid Box ( Then my coding adventure went a bit further. I incorporated coded graphics in my video art practice. Even though the coded sea waves in Four Seas One Home looks crude, the digital aspect they bring to the images mirrors the post-Covid reality that has change the way we live, work, and travel.

Reflections by Tony Welch

This work is made up of two pieces, each 30cm x 30cm and created from Glass, Ceramics & Embellished Metalwork.

There are elements of mirrored glass in the piece so that the viewer sees aspects of themselves reflected within the artwork so they become a part of it with the intention that they contemplate themselves within the narrative of the work.

I’m a professional artist based near Ripon in North Yorkshire, UK where I work from my studio creating Original and Limited Edition artworks for the home or business.

Every day in the studio brings new and exciting opportunities as I work and experiment with a wide variety of materials and techniques with the aim of producing truly unique works of art.

​I’m a professional member of the Contemporary Glass Society and the British Association of Modern Mosaics and my work is exhibited nationally & internationally and is also on permanent public display.