It’s Going To Be Okay by Chelsea-Anne Salter

This digital collage has two elements. The background includes a renaissance style painting of a couple kissing. The male figure is taller and leans down to kiss the female figure who in turn leans up. Over the top of the background is the phrase “it’s going to be okay” in white lettering, repeated ten times virtually.

Chelsea-Anne enjoys exploring language and wordplay through the use of creative writing and spoken word. Her practice focuses on themes of identity, language, the feminine experience, autonomy and the confessional often influenced by her own experiences. Through experimenting with materials she explores more into the physical insecurities that are common if not so, exacerbated by the media as well as social and gender-based expectations.
“It’s Going To Be Okay” was created as a self-assuring promise during the latest lockdown. Influenced by the fantasy world of literature and romance and the escapism it gives. Conceptually, it is inspired by John Baldessari and is presented as a digital collage that can be blown up to any side to mirror the amount of reassurance one needs for the message to be accepted.


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