Isolation by Gordon Skalleberg

oil on board paintings:

Actually, I have not had to adapt very much at all. I am extremely fortunate to have a great studio and the lockdown is giving me plenty of peace and quiet to work uninterrupted. Almost every day I work in the studio in the morning, have lunch and then go to the barn for a challenging ride on my horse (constantly pushed beyond my comfort zone by my trainer) and then I return for afternoon and evenings in the studio. I feel my energy and motivation is great and my ideas are flowing and I almost feel like I don’t have enough time! The break to go to the barn is great because I totally clears my mind for a few hours, it is a great exercise and I meet a few people, mainly my trainer. And spending time with my adorable Gunny is wonderful!

The local art supply store (Artisan) is closed – they take orders by email/phone and deliver – so yesterday I got a delivery from them. I ordered more than I needed just to give them a very modest contribution. I would need to go to a building supply store to get some material, but yesterday I was able to re-purpose some boards and I was able to make two shelves for my work table. It is fun to try to be smarter and do what you can with what you have at hand. I absolutely love spending time in my carpentry shop.

Time is flying and yet it seems to stand still! I am happy to have my studio and my art and I am taking advantage if this quiet time, while I feel greatly for all who are struggling and suffering, not least the Navajo-people…

I check some news in the morning, both Swedish and US, and mostly facts, numbers, not a bunch of speculations. Then I stay away from the news entirely for the rest of the day, it is rare that I take a quick peek at some news in the afternoon.

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