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Always by Marijke Volkers, Jens Magnussen, Robert Roth, Hendrik van Oordt and Lotte van den Dikkenberg-Methorst

Based in Amsterdam, Marijke Volkers is a professional photographer with a long list of credits to her name, including assignments for the cities of Amsterdam and Utrecht, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rotterdam Harbour, and a host of corporate clients (SNS Bank, Structon, etc.), advertising agencies (Kris Kras Design, En Publique, etc.) and large non-profit organizations like Slachtofferhulp Nederland. Some of her work can be found on the following website: http://www.marijkevolkers.nl The text is by Jens Magnussen and Robert Roth. Jens O. Magnussen is a writer, draughtsman and flute player living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Among other things, contributor to And Then, author of Raphael’s Country / A Trinidad & Tobago Diary, Impossible Poems and the recent children’s book Stowaway Prince. Robert Roth is the author of Book of Pieces and Health Proxy. Robert is also co-creator of And Then magazine. He is based in New York. The music for “Always” was written by Hendrik van Oordt. He lives in Amsterdam. Lotte van den Dikkenberg-Methorst is a recital pianist and accompanist based in Zeist. When not playing the piano she runs her own Scandinavian clothing store (https://deklopmode.nl). For bookings, orders, scores and questions please contact: knofflook@gmail.com

locked(down) by Marketa Senkyrik

How natural is breathing?
What about touching your friends?
Do you remember the smell of other people?

I find it alarming that an illness not only attacks us by disabling such a primary bodily function as breathing deprives us all of our basic freedom.
This is the true call to a change.
Or to become extinct.

The series of paintings I did during the lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic reflect my feelings about these strange times.

Paintings are watercolour on Hayle Mill Hot Press vintage paper. Made at a mill shut down in 1987 – the year I was born; each blank sheet of paper is a piece of a fine craftsmanship by itself.
I am playing with transparency, notion of movement (breathing)…

Close, watercolour on Hayle Mill Hot Press 145gsm 770x570mm
Is referring to feelings generated by the possibility of simple touch between us and our loved ones, and the deprivation of being limited to communication through screens and social distancing.

Inside (Imaginary Autoportrait), watercolour on Hayle Mill Hot Press 145gsm 2 x 570x770mm
An imaginary autoportrait from inside with impact on the function of breathing

Breathe In – Breathe out, watercolour on Hayle Mill Hot Press 145gsm 770x570mm
An autobiographical painting, a meditation about the simple movement generated by breathing

Artist statement

I am interested in the human body; the limitations and the latitude linked to our own physicality. The transformation of our perception of it at different stages of life and different situations.

I hope to provoke feelings in people watching my work; share my inner fears, uncertainties, happiness, perception of the world…
I am making visual art because it is the most natural form of expression for me. I want to talk to people. The fascination with my inner and outer world is constant.


Working it all out by Abbie Cairns

Working it all out by Abbie Cairns

Text based collages that tackle COVID thoughts and feelings.
My practice is heavily involved in the use of language and linguistics, I rely on the notion of a shared public language which can be accessed and interpreted in an infinite amount of ways by the reader. Art allows us to elevate the everyday, making people consider these things, such as language in new ways.


The Love that Heals by Ciro Di Fiore (Daniel)

In this period of lockdown for the Quarantine of the Covid 19 the solidarity among the phrases in difference languages to support new rules of life but with the national characteristics of every nation and between past and present really in Italy the social centers and some citizens of Naples help the families from the balcony following the doctor Saint Giuseppe Moscati in the past and a his famous phrase in his study to raise money for his poor patients: “Who can take, who cannot put” Really these phrase are written also in his memory on the baskets of the Centers Social.

Le frasi sono anche per la salvaguardia della natura in un’ unità mondiale, e dalle parole di una canzone italiana considerata partigiana “Bella Ciao” che è stata dedicata da comunità sociali e professionali di altre nazioni ai medici, agli infermieri/e e ai vigli del fuoco italianiIl titolo dell’ opera riprende quello dl film in italiano “L amore che salva” realizzato dalla RAI e dedicato alla vita di San Giuseppe Moscati

The Love that Heals: dimensions cm 25 x cm 35

Media: mixed/collage digital art, photo printed,

Materials: paper, adhesives letters of various type ( rubber, metallic, glitters. plastic) design created with Adobe Illustrator, glue glitters coloured

CiroDi Fiore (Daniel) is a mixed media artist hyperrealism, conceptual, fashion and whithim. The fashion goes in the art and in the music, and in every creative and cultural spheres and in every sector, but it is not the usual meeting between these types of creativity with contaminations neither an exchange between them and nor a simple combination.

Daniel objective is to give in every sphere and community of the art and in other cultural and social contests the clothing and the accessories in their technicality and not with simple shows or catwalks of a few minutes or a few hours.

He wants to change the spaces of a gallery or of a cultural association or a fair, not to push the user of the work to make only some comparisons but to allow him to enter through fashion all sectors and linking them to it, and to create a synergy so as to root such profound not only in the society but in every aspect of the social context.


A Little on the Lonely Slide by Philippa Bandurek Bradbury

Drawing on approx 31x24cm vintage sheet music, using 0.1mm to 0.5mm fine liner pens.

My son Leo has found lockdown very difficult. This drawing shows Leo confined and alone on his garden slide, the grey sky and dark shadows reflecting his mood. I chose to draw on sheet music to visually evoke the strong feelings music brings. I like how the drawing mixes in with the music score. It doesn’t matter whether the viewer knows this particular song or not; it is simply there to evoke feelings and illustrate the strong emotion within the drawing.

What I make: I am a visual artist producing drawings and painting on paper, canvas and vintage printed ephemera. My style is characterised by lots of tonal layers creating depth and texture, with elements of ambiguity using cropping and unusual perspectives. I enjoy saturating colours to show how there is more colour and depth to things than first meets the eye.

Materials I use: I mostly work with acrylic paint, ink, and fine liner pens.
Ideas and themes I focus on: I am interested in how culture, heritage, history, character and personality present themselves visually, and how the aesthetics of a subject can influence the medium selections. My thoughts are abstract and nonverbal, making them hard to explain. My mind can flood with anxiety and despair at any moment – the binary of wellness and illness never fits with me. I am eternally in-between, intense in good and bad ways, sometimes simultaneously. I use my art as a way to try and express this and communicate with the outside world in a nonverbal way.