Robert Lowe – This Year, Next Years, Sometime, Never


Being born, I howl;
In infancy, I cry.

Childhood is now a dream.

Going to school, I fear.
First love was misery.

Being neither boy nor girl.

Humiliation and pain;
Growing up alone –

No word for whom you are –

To an adulthood of shame,
And hopes that lacked a name.

Your existence felt like crime.

Yet somehow carrying on;
Trying so hard to have fun.

If the past could be undone?

Now approaching middle-age,
Each decade seems like a page –

A charge sheet of mistakes.

And some you harmed are gone;
So, harm, it seems has won.

You lived, but for whose sake?

Yet, though living was distressing,
It is less so, I know, than the dying.

There is no truth in lying.

But denying whom you are
In the world will get you far… sometimes.

#outloud Paula J Horton – Untitled


Darkness beckons

And I run for the light

I try to stay there

Then, suddenly, night


My eyes closed to stop it seeping in

I have to wait for the morning light to breach my lids

To feel safe

To try again to run towards the light


I run, I run hard and feel

the darkness snapping at my heels

But I’ll keep running until the darkness tires

And it will


©Paula J Horton 25.11.19

Dwell Time Festive Party


Wednesday 18 December 2019

Huddersfield Railway Station

Join the Dwell Time team in the First Class Waiting Room on Platform 1 of Huddersfield Railway Station for mental wellbeing/festive card making, mince pies and mulled wine (other refreshments available and/or bring your own).

Free, all welcome. Drop in any time between 12-4pm.

Dwell Time Monday @ Paddock

Dwell Time ran a workshop for Kirklees Words In Mind’s Bibliotherapy Paddock group and the three following poems were submitted:

Dwell Time Monday @ Paddock

Last week we remembered, remembered the fifth
A penny for Guy Fawkes but not for thrift
A Bonfire Night Poem with some blanks it would seem,
A task for the group that leads on to today’s theme.

So this afternoon @Paddock when you came in you may have saw,
A lady from Dwell Time by the name of Alice Bradshaw,
After conversations earlier this year, Elaine has kindly arranged this,
A creative writing session, we hope you will find pure bliss.

I’m certainly no expert and I’m sure Alice will explain,
That Dwell Time is a publication for mental wellbeing,
Issue two will be published in Spring twenty-twenty next year,
And the deadline for submissions is the very end of the year.

So it’s time to pass over and let Alice explain
What we’ll be doing this afternoon with our time,
I really hope you all enjoy this special one of lesson,
And proof of the pudding will be the writing from today’s session.

– David Flint, 10 November 2019



Human functionality embraces the mental and physical.
Satisfactory functions are influences positively and negatively by emotional experience which in turn may affect our behaviour.
We all are likely to have different perspectives of what is enjoyable.
Sport for example may compete with literature.
A well rounded personality is dependent on a balanced outlook and lifestyle.
Activities will vary from one to another.
One the one hand a keen sports person, on the other a serious academic.
One’s acceptance in society is usually influences by other people’s perspective of one’s worth.
The aforementioned balance has great influence on one’s ability to cope with life’s problems.
What one considers normal may seriously differ from someone else’s perception of normal.

Good health should be everyone’s aim.
Shortfall can be countered by change in diet and habits.
Safety and wellbeing are largely dependent on self care.
Do not lose hope that change can be made.
A positive mental attitude is a tremendous prop.
Never doubt one’s ability.
Failure is not necessarily the end. Consider Edison.
Social interaction can be beneficial to good health.
Learn from your experiences.
Life is not stereotypical.
Changes are always possible.
Illness is not always avoidable but strive to obtain the best treatment when it occurs.

– R. B. Fisher (Bob)



More often these days I find happiness
Surging through my reality
In a life once dominated with sadness
Disorder and lack of inclusion
In which I though I’d never work again

I looked at nature through a window or screen
I lost my value in myself
I lost all value in life
The cause of this was ill health and disability
Both mentally and physically

But then through culture
Art, photography, poetry, curating
I found in myself my true essence waiting
I found I could care for me, and an eagerness
To rebuild my life.

I found that I was blessed
To have creative zeal within myself
Once more to set it free
And explore this intrinsic part of me.