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Living Alone (Together) by Hanneke Wetzer

In corona time, Hanneke Wetzer made the special series Living Alone (Together) about everyday scenes at home with her new roommate, her ‘best friend forever’ (bff).

“There is a lockdown coming and you are single. You don’t have anyone to cuddle with during all those lonely months. What to do? Then you look for a partner in crime so that both can remain mentally healthy. Since flights were already canceled, I was forced to send my bff Nadiah over by mail. Now that she is here we support each other and we share all the little moments of happiness.”

Hanneke Wetzer staged all kinds of domestic and intimate situations of herself with Nadiah, where it is not immediately clear that Nadiah is a (sex) doll. The series still continues during the whole pandemic.

Artist statement
Living Alone (Together) is an ongoing photography project which has its home base on instagram: @me_and_my_dollfriend.This instagram account will give its viewers a good laugh and a positive feeling in times of sorrow and negativity.


Instagram: @me_and_my_dollfriend

On the street alone by Zoran Dragelj

Downtown East Side Youth is exposed to addiction, homelessness, sex work and crime. Many found themselves sinking into a depression and are constantly tormented by the horrific memories of abuse. They start using alcohol and street drugs which are readily available. They hardly ate. They rely heavily on local food banks and collect recyclable bottles to make some extra dollars.
It was mid June when I came across this poor fellow laying down on the street curb. He was motionless. All of his belongings were there with him. His skateboard had DEAD (with a broken heart symbol) written on it. He wore a red bandana and a blue cap. He was young fellow in his early twenties.

Artist statement
I see art as being an expression of personal experiences – seemingly major or minor. It is my interpretation of a single or a combined group of experiences that informs my creative process. I aspire to be flexible. I do not consider my interpretation or memory to be any more accurate or true than anyone else’s, which is why I say “interpretation”. While the process is enjoyable, making video art is relevant to me because of the freedom of expression it allows me, while also creating a piece that others will emotionally identify with.

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/zoxx

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/attentionvan/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zdragelj/

Brick by Christian Alexander Bailey

Covid has had such a blunt and violent effect on any number of our social and intellectual constructs. As if someone had thrown a brick at it all and then absconded leaving the mess for us all to deal with and try to make right. Only to have more bricks thrown at the near tidied mess, while we are still trying to deal with it all.

Artist statement
Christian Alexander Bailey is a Yorkshire-based artist. Specialising in ink, he takes inspiration from nature and architecture. His artwork celebrates detail and shows a realistic portrayal of his subjects.


Dog N Boy by Amanda Reynolds

I created a small collection called Dog N Boy during the first Lockdown which explores mental health and how it feels sometimes especially for children. I have 3 children 2 at primary school age and I was often concerned about their transition back to school. It was strange how it actually became normal that they schooled at home and school was a more novel idea after a while. The isolation and fear to mix with others made them worried about going back. The dog represents a parental figure and the black balloon is a feeling of anxiety for a child. I created them in a watercolour wash with Indian ink.