Undertow by Amber Penney

“Undertow” Mixed Media collage art print on paper 2022
“Not Waving But Drowning” mixed media art print on paper 2022
“It Comes In Waves” Mixed Media art print on paper 2022
“Grow From Trauma” Mixed media art print on paper 2022

I am a self-taught artist residing in Chicago, IL. I create mixed media art prints and designs that have a contemporary and abstract aesthetic. My art’s main themes focus on well-being, personal growth, women empowerment, mythology, nature and esoteric philosophies. I draw inspiration from poetry which provides vivid descriptive imagery for her creative process. Music also is a major component of my creative process, using the tone of music to emote a certain feeling in my work.

My artwork collection is titled Amber Waves
Theme is Personal Growth and Healing
This collection is personal to me as it represents my journey through depression, denial and therapy. It is a statement about growing from your trauma which will lead to the healing process. Your soul will blossom into something profound and beautiful if you allow yourself to feel and accept the difficulties of your trauma and learn to forgive and love yourself as you are.


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