Quarantine Poems by Naomi Even-Aberle

During the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine (legally imposed or self-imposed) we are experiencing a rise in online meetings. For me I finding that I am spending more time in online “meetings” than I ever was before, creating a new sense of connection, community, and conversation. However, no matter how many meetings I attend at different times, places, or with different people all meetings are in some way revolving around the pandemic. These series of poems are documenting real meetings and synthesizing the group understanding and emotional responses to the pandemic. The words used come directly from the meeting, but are arranged, listed, and placed to create a more creative and poetic understanding of the conversation.

I’m an interdisciplinary artist based in South Dakota. I like to work with bodies. I’m also a martial artist, so the bodies I work with are often in motion and making space – space for action, resistance, power, and exploring identity. My practice combines journaling, interviews, performative elements inspired by my martial arts training, and interdisciplinary media processes such as sound, video, and experimental photography.
My work investigates the evolution of martial arts rituals and the environments in which the practices lives and operates today, and how these traditions can be leveraged to develop new understandings of bodies, gender, and identity.



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