Corona Motor Park by Johnpeters

The Motor Park is a picture story that showcases the changes that is happening in the transport system and the motor parks in Abuja Nigeria since the eruption of Covid 19.

It is a documentary project that tries to understand and picture both the physical realities as well as the psychological realities of the drivers and that of the entire motorist and extensively picturing the motor park and the new normal of the transport system.

The project is capturing the use of face mask by both drivers and passengers, the use of hand sanitizers and hand washing water containers in the park and equally the social distancing practices as well as the new sitting formula in taxis, buses and tricycles. It shall also try to capture the emotional moments of drivers and passengers, their activities and their mental struggles.

Johnpeters is a visual sociologist, with over 5 years’ experience in Humanitarian and documentary photography.

Well-travelled and have the capacity to interact with a diverse people of different socio-cultural heritage, very versatile with the global Cultures and very kin in understanding the social realities of his subject and translating these realities to visuals that will help amplify voices and serve as a tool for social advocacy.

As a storyteller he gets his inspiration from human social experiences and harnesses the tool of photography to improve lives globally. He believes that Photography is a tool for

social change and social engineering.

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