Reflecting in the Woods by Vian Borchert

This paintings is inspired by my walks in the woods next to where I reside. I live by a park that has a beautiful lake and many tall trees. Nature is a source of solace for me to meditate upon especially when I want to reflect on life and how our world is shaping. For me, nature brings much needed calm to my soul amid uncertain times.

I am an expressionist artist, I consider all my artwork to be visual poems. Art for me is a universal language by which all comprehend. I aim to connect with people through my visual world and vision. My artwork is an accumulation of my dreams and journeys. Hence, the art translates what constitutes a dream, be it looking up at the clouds or pondering upon the beauty of nature. My art is a reflection of my life’s journey along with connecting the past to the present while approaching the future in wonderment to what it brings.

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