For Mental Health Awareness Week (9-15 May) and Creativity & Wellbeing Week (16-22 May) we invite you to send us notes to inspire, comfort and connect. These ‘nots’ will be displayed in our Dwell Time Central window in Huddersfield for passers-by to view. What would you say to a stranger? Or your former self? Or the world at large? Lines of poetry, positive affirmations, haiku or random thoughts from 3am – everything is eligible as long as it doesn’t contain any hate speech against anyone and because it is on public display we will need to censor profanity. This year’s Mental Health Awareness week is all about Loneliness and Creativity & Wellbeing Week is titled “Get Creative Get Outdoors” for inspiration but contributions do not need to relate directly to these themes. All notations relating to mental wellbeing are welcome.

Email to:
Join us on Friday 13th May 12-4pm at Dwell Time Central for a workshop of the same theme.

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