Isolated Lives by Süreyya Özgün

During the Covid 19 epidemic, people in different geographies of the world experienced similar problems. In this epidemic process we are still in, we have been faced with the restrictive and imprisoning aspects of many applications of technology that make life easier. In the modern age where human is objectified, technology has caused us to reconsider the limits of freedom and even the definition. At this point, this work deals with the individual freedoms and social limitations of people through the epidemic. It deals with labeling, numbering and seeing people as ordinary objects. In the study, the figures are positioned in the center and limited by a barcode. It is aimed to emphasize with figures depicted with their backs turned, that everyone is equal during the epidemic, all statuses are equalized without distinction between rich-poor, beautiful-ugly. The vertical columns represent the barcodes that we see on any product and indicate the identity of that product. The red line that cuts the columns that frame the figures vertically represents the obstacles that come between us and life during the epidemic process.
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