The Devil Inside Me by Amy Vallance

I chose soft materials like acrylic wool, which within society relates to comfort, warmth and safety, but for myself these materials create a sense of claustrophobia and entrapment through the way the material creates an environment of heat that makes me unable to breathe. By creating a large tangled mass of this material, it creates a feeling of intimidation and fear, but to counter-act this the material is soft and comforting which usually within society is connected with safety and comfort. Adding coloured lighting to the space changes the colours within the wool, adding to this sense of confusion and confliction which can be felt when suffering from anxiety. With each installation I select the space based on its cavernous feeling,

Within my practice I focus on self-reflection, using emotions to influence my decision making. A lot of these influences are linked to my battles with mental health, I choose to follow this route because I feel that these past experiences have shaped who I am today. When developing a new site-specific immersive installation, my practice, attends to the form and is heavily influenced by colour and its sculptural form, scale and material production. I am consciously drawn to bright colours and artificial lights which makes choosing my colour pallet and material come naturally to me. I chose to use the colours and lights through an intuitive feeling, each colour is chosen through how they make me feel when I view them.

This is a methodological approach that I use to create instillations at a scale so that the viewer can physically enter inside them to feel they are a part of the instillation. This helps me to create an immersive experience, from which the viewer can feel physically involved and connected to the instillation. By doing this is helps increase the sense of chaos and confusion which in turn, enhances a desired feeling for the public to feel the effects of anxiety. it is important that I do this in my work because, engaging the audience into this experience increases their understanding of mental health

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