Candid Covid Expressions by Y. Hope Osborn

Digital photograph abstractions with artist statement

You may also find Remembrance and Contemplation represented at the See|Me Gallery:

Blessed are the weird people: poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters, troubadours for they teach us to see the world through different eyes. -Jacob Nordby

My world has always involved a kaleidoscope of flowers. Every six months I pick up my palette of colors and create an ever-changing floral landscape of my garden, so I truly am never without flowers. Because of this fascination I photograph flowers from my garden year around, and they make me happy. They make others, such as my neighbor, happy to see me out renewing my garden.

Today, I am curious about how much I play with a photograph before it becomes an abstraction within digital art. What if I take a photograph of something I painted before abstracting the photo? I explore these questions through long-standing love of botanica.

Within the pandemic I used my botanic photos in abstract expressionism for facets of our lives we were given meeting this moment in history. My Candid Covid Expressions are Contemplation for thinking deeper about life, Hope for belief for better in life then and for a future, Inner Space from the the isolation, Dawn for the clear sunrises and sunsets enjoyed due to lower emissions, Artistry exemplifying a renewed art keenness, Remembrance to memorialize losses of and within. Flowers from my garden and the wild are central to each piece, because of all, that was a constant in my life.

I am an ever emerging, experimental, contemplative artist who explores a terrain of a child’s strewn toys, mediating the intersections of photography, digital media, and, sometimes, painting, mine and others, in ever-expanding ways of understanding and evolving art.

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