Was It Ever Supposed to Be Funny? by Imogen Arate

Fishes skydive to confetti 2021’s

conclusion in eclectic style

’22 began with a boom already

available as a year-end ornament

A knee-jerk readiness to regift

a fresh annum (a force of habit 

trained by ante-raising since ’16?) 

as it hints at stink of persistent 

negligence Rotting pavement ichthys 

too ripe with religious iconography 

to ignore for a populace accustomed 

to an apocalypse-bingeing diet

An insistence of good cheer blinders 

my focus on all the newborns 

(including Janus twins) instead of 

the news-enhanced mass exodus 

bridging a calendar-tossing weekend 

’cause coping requires muscle memory 

as I feel mine strain under bombardment 

take quick turn toward laugh therapy I 

promise it works as well as 20-dollar-

rolled snorts (though not as movie baller

Yet may proof sturdy against inflation)  

As scenic surroundings cannot dispel 

this sense of dread my sleep-deprived

mind wails for dopamine boosts

I obligingly spoon-feed to stuff its

menacing gaping yap

(1) https://www.dallasnews.com/news/texas/2022/01/02/residents-of-east-texas-town-report-fish-falling-from-sky/

(2) https://www.pghcitypaper.com/pittsburgh/pittsburgh-meteor-the-greatest-event-of-2022-made-into-commemorative-ornament/Content?oid=20856512

(3) https://people.com/parents/twins-born-in-different-years-15-minutes-apart-2021-2022/

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Social media: @PoetsandMuses on Twitter and Instagram

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