Ah, to Be King! by Imogen Arate

If I assure a frantic conductor “everything’ll be okay”

while shoveling coal into the roaring firebox 

of a momentous train

Will you crown me

What if I wave the flag of a freedom-fighter

and shout slogans from mothers charged 

with unsought fruits

Will you crown me

No silk nor muslin shall muzzle this trap 

while I stump on fracturing nerves

for god-given rights Of course

Now crown me

A rollercoaster must go down to shoot up

So find your own seat belt while I buckle up

as we chug toward that gaping ravine

You’ll thank me

after we Thelma & Louise to a higher calling

sans a Thelma or a Louise Not even a Wilma

or a Betty ‘cause 72 virgins await

Oops wrong orthodoxy

I’ll never admit in public but we share interests

Oh they allow vaccines Never mind

More gold-dust stars for me

to adorn my crown


@PoetsandMuses on Twitter and Instagram.

Posted in C19

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