Midnight by Lee James Shott

Isolated within a black void has a lone figure walking through the darkness. The paintings have voyeuristic compositions with implications of surveillance, with sometimes having obliterated features and dealing with themes such as identity.

Combining observations with diverse approaches to painting; the work subjectively explores the human condition and status quo through figurative paintings influenced by recent social events and lockdowns; through observing people and their surroundings whether in person or via the media. The paintings undergo various levels of distortion, simplification or abstraction in response, often inspired by images from the personal phone, newspaper articles or the web.

Influenced by the fragility of the human psyche and mental health in modern times, the works portray evocative portraits in a distant gaze or lost in their own thoughts within a void. The paintings are of passers-by and passengers, capturing voyeuristic perspectives with implications of surveillance, becoming a surveyor of the surroundings and depicting isolated portraits and landscapes. They have elements of ambiguity from the obliteration of facial features and seemingly unfinished sections, dealing with themes such as identity, delving into the complexity of human development and behaviour.

The paintings have bold and visceral brushwork to capture the source material; using idiosyncratic handing of paint to establish a vital interplay between subject-matter and form, becoming subjective in the process which generates melancholic imagery with pathos; and reacting quickly, often completing a painting in one sitting.


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