The Shielded Mind by Kirstie Stone

The Shielded Mind by Kirstie Stone

When the world turned cold, and nothing anymore was the same.
Up went the wall of protection, to shield myself from pain.
A minute an hour, a week, month, year,
Everyday has been a constant projection of fear.

The outside world that was once so normal yet manic,
Has become nothing more than a stream of no faces and panic.
So, I shut myself away and hid in my bubble,
Surely if I do this, I will not be in any trouble.

The world shut down, but the mind however did not,
The emotions, the moods the traumas I had once forgot,
Came back with a vengeance, like shadows in the dark,
Attacking me in troubled waters, like a blood thirsty shark.

With no social contact, the days became the same,
Was the virus really the only thing to blame.
How had the world become such a place of divide?
That I had realised that in humanity I had lost nearly all pride.

The trust in those that said, they had our best interests at heart,
Yet over a year later we had been isolated and kept apart.
So, I stayed in my bubble and loneliness filled my days,
As the world fell apart and the way out seemed like a maze.

Forced smiles on zoom, texts and calls became less,
I wondered daily, how we had got into this mess.
The mind is the biggest challenge of all,
You could be soaring on show but inside feel the fall.

Left with my own thoughts’ day and night,
The option is to drown or to get up and fight.
But I am tired, and I feel like I have taken a hit,
So, although I rest, I will never quit.

Just leave me a while in the cold calm of my space,
And I will get up with my bruises and still win this race.
The world needs more warriors, that are humbled and kind,
I wonder if that is why first we must fight our own mind.

Artist statement
I am an innovative sculptor, painter, and maker, I explore the world through my paintings and creating by using my art and sculptures to process the worlds information and turn it into a visual form.
Art to me is not just my commissioned work, day to day but also my passion, drive, and my own therapeutic outlet. It helps me thrive in mindfulness and wellbeing and every piece of art I create carries a part of me and my intent into the world.

I enjoy creating work that makes the audience think and question things and with that in my mind for my degree body of work I have chosen the current timeline of the pandemic and world events. The installation of work set in a small space will give the effect of walking into the quarantined mind, with the aim of creating the feeling of uncertainty through the change of these times.

I have touched upon global issues, coping strategies, common ground, and experiences many have gone through and brought in an element of humour to make a pop art vs post internet-based installation that each audience member will resonate with in some part, if not

As an artist that uses a variety of mediums and artistic processes, I have used as many as I can to create this installation using paintings, sculptures, prop making, and visual based graphics to convey the narrative of this challenging time.

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