Using The Letter ‘x’ & Untitled by Tyler Wilson

The pandemic has turned to us all communicating online. I was interested in a recurring sentence but then using certain words in bold to reveal a hidden narrative. The text is based on the relationship between me and my father who I am not close with. The only extent of our relationship as a space is on What’s App. I tried to create a piece that would explain how love is communicated through a social media platform. While we are in this pandemic unable to express this physically, so how can our words both written and verbal express this love and humanity.

Artist statement
My practice focuses on the actions, interactions and behaviours of people and society. Along with the timeless, mundane, and repetitious occurrences that we passively overlook. Looking at S P A C E S whether they be digital or physical modify the way we exist in them. I attempt to co-operate with the already existing infrastructure navigating my position ( physically and figuratively) to question the functionality of a particular space in relation to me. Being a homosexual man, as a stimulant, has its advantages and disadvantages in the way I act in spaces and converse with people. ( Which is the case for many people regarding aspects of their identity ). Treating myself as an object I better understand the space around me and how I co-exist with it.
I create work that aims to question viewers perceptions of what happens within the superficial reality of different spaces along with our individual complexities which cause disruptions to overall functionality. Which is (re)imagined in a (hyper)reality.
Instagram @theunenrolledwilson

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