Wilderness by Ashley Ferrari

‘Wilderness’ is a fantasy skyscape; remote Taiga forest silhouettes a Winter sky shrouded in mist and laden with stars.Through it I embody, stillness, remoteness, otherworldliness.

In my ‘Dwell Time’, I subvert my feelings of helplessness, of being caged and trapped; here, I create a sense of comfort in aloneness under an endless sky.

Oil on Canvas, 20″ x 16″

Fine Art Giclee Print £75 inc p&p

(Original not for sale)

Artist statement
For me, ‘Dwell Time’ is about the moment of escapism that I offer the viewer through my paintings. A moment where reality vanishes and we can just ‘be’.

It is the solace I find in feeling oil paint across the canvas beneath my hands.

It is the connection to nature I feel in noticing how light filters through trees and how the glow of the moon is softened by mist and clouds. It is a moment of forgetting the self and looking towards the sky.

As an autistic artist, I use painting to soothe myself and through my work I also aim to create feelings of peace and serenity within the viewer.

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