These are the days by Nabeela Khan

These are the days of masks and gloves and running out of scrubs.
These are the days of staying apart,
staying in, staying safe, staying sane, when there’s no one to blame!
These are the days of standing in Qs and Getting the blues!
Theses are the days of missing mum and dad and thinking of those who never had.
These are the Days of family walks , family’s apart, and families together, whatever the weather!
The are the days of learning to garden, learning to bake, DIY, then watching time fly.
These are the days of working from home, 12 hours on the phone,
but still feeling all alone!
These are the days of board games or getting board, finding faith and praising your lord.
These are the days of getting told off for getting to close. clearing out clothes, throwing on throws and looking out of windows!
These are the days of running IN parks and OUT of pasta!
hoarding toilet paper and flour that was a disaster!
These are days of the NHS
Like never b4 under so much stress.
These are the days of clapping to show you appreciate, those who put their lives at stake.
These are the days of chatting through a masks or over a wall, on WhatsApp or by conference call.
These are the days, wanting them to end, because you actually do miss that friend.
These are the days my bin has been out more times then me!
As the queen song goes “God knows I want to break free!”
These are the days of Tiktok, Zoom, teams, Netflix and Instagram
And at 52 Learning to wash your hands!
YES these are the days of hand sanitiser!
Learnt how to stop spreading germs were all getting wiser. !
Or are we?
Because these are also the days of black lives matter.
When he said “I can’t breath”, it took my breath away!
How they all stood around with nothing to say.
It’s not a few bad apples its from the branches to the roots,
If a plants deprived sunlight It can never bear fruits.
We need justice for George Floyd, Shukry Abidi, Dr Jamila Rashad and thousands more far and wide.
Never given a chance to tell their side.
These are the days that it makes no sense,
we’ve learnt nothing since the murder of Stephen Lawrence!
These are the days we need to stand up and shout “What the hell is this all about?”
You think your lack of colour makes you superior to him, did you choose the skin your in?
Does your lack of.colour make you great, give you pride and make you hate?
Does your lack of colour give you the right, to stop and search and shoot on sight?!
And what’s crazy about a white racist man is that he knows he looks good when he’s got a tan!
These are the days of Police brutality, hate crimes, years of oppression,
Far too much aggression.
These are the days black lives, white lives, yellow, blue, poor lives, free or imprisoned, refugees or migrants, mental or sane, Muslim or not,
no matter where they live on earth, they all matter!
So let’s not our egos flatter, big or small
We can all fall!

So We have little to forget,
and to remember plenty
These are the days of 2020!

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