What Places May Come by Elena T Smyrniotis

1) Saiqah, oil on canvas, 2020, 60x75cm

2) Yas, oil on canvas, 2020-2021, 60x75cm

3) Claire, oil on canvas, 2020, 60x75cm

When I fell in love with Art, I fell in love with portraiture. Regardless the time period, I found myself drawn to faces I did not know and wanted to try to understand. In my art I attempt to look at the experience of those I know well and capture the beauty they possess through all the uncertainty in their lives. Whether that uncertainty is parenthood, the pandemic, or the every day difficulties of living. After a decade long hiatus in my practice, I have come back to Art since becoming a mother. Although my themes have significantly changed in that time, I feel more confident in what I present to the world. Through all the stress of motherhood, I discovered a new focus that I did not possess before. An appreciation for working in the small moments, and embracing my mistakes. Although I feel most confident in oils, the constraints of motherhood and the influence of my own students has pushed me to work in new ways as I navigate the studio space with a three year old.


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