Quarantined Duende by Lucia Pinzani

In Catalonia, where I live, the quarantine lasted ten weeks, from the 16th of March to the 25th of May.Due to the impossibility of leaving the house to collect or buy new materials, I decided to work continuously on the same canvas.Through collage, assemblage and acrylic painting, the canvas became a scene in constant transformation. The result was an exploration of colorful and visual changes, an inner journey that allowed me to keep track of my mental state during the quarantine.

The action of painting brought me to reflect on the role of creativity in human health, and the possibility of using creative power as a tool to cope with uncertainty and to become more aware.Through the images painted weekly on top of each other between March and July (from the initial lockdown to ‘phase 3’), it is possible to read the layered story of this journey through awareness: by being creative we can rewrite our reality, and start to observe the world from a new point of view.

Duende refers to the word used by the poet Federico Garcia Lorca for defining the intrinsic power of the work of art: its capacity of reflecting the essence of the world. The canvas is perceived in my work as an external space where the fears, the frustrations and the emotions of that period have been “released” and became conscious. This is why my work is a ‘Duende of the Quarantine’, in which the essence of a ‘new world’ appears in all its power.
On the canvas I worked on between March and July, today you can only see the final image of this long process. But each time I painted, I took a picture of the result. With these pictures I realized a video and a wall of polaroid-sized photos. They capture the entire process I went through in chronological sequence.

Artist statement
I collect details.Spontaneous movements

Following authentic feelings.I listen to the poetry

Hidden in the daily silence

Permeating day by day

And filling everything.I tiptoe,Among the mutant shadows of dreams

At the edge of sleep,And I pause

Reflecting on their conversations.To feel and to imagine

Are the finest pearls inherited by humanity.
My research consists of a creative exploration of the perceptive universe.

I focus on the acoustic dimension and its relationship with the visual.In particular, I pay attention on how we unconsciously process sounds and images, and on the invisible boundary between perception, interiorization and imagination.

In the last year I have been working mainly on the theme of mental health related to creativity, and the psychological challenges we faced during the pandemic. I think that approaching the topic of mental health from an artistic point of view is something important and rarely explored. As an artist and art therapist, I would like to have the opportunity to share my point of view in an interview and at the same time present an artwork that talks about the human being in the situation of seclusion and restriction experienced during the quarantine, with the hope that many people can identify with my images.


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