Spume eddies in a storm by Anna Goodchild

This poem was made in response to a film I made recently about a seasonal storm surge we had at the coast in the South West. It made me think of what people, particularly artists, have been going through over the last year not only in the UK but all over the world. Some have kept going and have been able to dig deep and find inspiration in the world around them here represented by a metaphorical landscape in three layers: above the sea, below it and along our shores where the landscape has adapted to the demands made on it. The outcome is a changed world, physically and existentially in which there are positive outcomes.

I am based in South Devon and use photography, poetry and dye painting to create images. My approach to my work is experimental, drawing inspiration from many different sources, and is guided by New Materialisms theories, because I realise that the relationship of people to all that is around us, be it material or digital, has to change. In December 2019, I was awarded a First Class BA Hons degree in Photography from the University of the Creative Arts. In 2020, I was a finalist in the Association of Photographers Student Awards.



Instagram: Anna.goodchild

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