Groundhog Day by Zoë Birtwhistle & Ewa Tryniecka

The beauty of Groundhog Day, as Phil Connors eventually discovers, is that it gives you so much room to grow. Having had no choice but to draw upon our inner resources during these repeating months, we find ourselves changing in brave new ways that we might never have considered possible a year ago. Of course we would have preferred less harrowing circumstances in which to explore new facets of our lives. But time after time I see the people around me making the most out these difficult days: healing, emerging, forging extraordinary new friendships, crafting precious new artworks, and learning so much about themselves.

The paradox of Groundhog Day, as I am discovering, is that I now feel the most complete and authentic and whole and real that I have in my entire life, while the outside world feels more fractured and fake and incomplete and distant than ever. I can only suppose that lots of people must also be feeling this way, which adds paradox to paradox.

Zoë Birtwhistle has reinvented herself as a model and writer during the covid lockdown. Her work is interested in the nature of creative collaboration, the role of the muse, personal and interpersonal ethics, mental health, and the inalienable human right to transform.

Ewa Tryniecka is an itinerant photographer interested the world and all it contains. Her Wildflower Project investigates the recurrent frustrations that so many young women feel at having failed to meet societal expectations, and the ways that they have been able move past them. She and Zoë met on Instagram and bonded over photography, astrology and mojitos.

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