Solitudo in Vita by John Cutting

The inspiration when creating Solitudo in Vita , reflects my own personal experiences suffering from Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The Covid 19 infection in some ways can very much reflect a similar pattern of isolation, fear of the unknown and erodes confidence in life ever becoming normal again. The salvaged decaying wooden chair and steps, symbolise a fragile and weakened body, stooped forward and unable to function at intended. The stone head cradled in bone hands, sitting precariously on the shoulders, ready to fall into obscurity. Like many silent victims today, defeated and succumbing to the influences of deteriorating mental health, sat down to die.

Artist statement
Using natural and manufactured objects, found within rural and urban environments, I create assemblage sculpture and instillations. Artistic combinations, overcoming the interference and disturbances, these objects may otherwise impose upon each other.
My art practice has developed from the numerous skills gained during my working life as an engineer, adventurer and traveller. Experiences, enabling me to identify and play with natural, raw, synthetic and engineered materials.

Utilising my imagination, observation, creativity and experimental approach, I identify suitable found and scavenged materials from their texture, form, malleability and connectivity properties. While embracing a fun influenced approach, to establish a working knowledge of the material’s capabilities and boundaries.

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