From the doldrums by Simon Fraser

From the doldrums

The dull drum murmurs have replaced
the vibrant song
energy is stifled by unwelcome lethargy.

A slow, uncertain rhythm emerges,
is barely discerned through pitted silence.
Intermittent motion.
The rain adjusts the day in a non-specific way
and time is urgently endless.
Muffled noise.
So much nothing much.
Stop-start-stopped –
a semi-permanent hesitation in a puzzled void
listless and looking for change.

With nothing much to think about
my head fills up with crazy thoughts
the easy process is now fraught,
putting off indefinitely.

Irrational anger at inanimate objects
shouting just to hear some emotion
The inevitable repeating
stop-start-stop phase

  • these doldrum days

A poem to vent the frustration which has become the starting point for a clown opera…

Posted in C19

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