locked(down) by Marketa Senkyrik

How natural is breathing?
What about touching your friends?
Do you remember the smell of other people?

I find it alarming that an illness not only attacks us by disabling such a primary bodily function as breathing deprives us all of our basic freedom.
This is the true call to a change.
Or to become extinct.

The series of paintings I did during the lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic reflect my feelings about these strange times.

Paintings are watercolour on Hayle Mill Hot Press vintage paper. Made at a mill shut down in 1987 – the year I was born; each blank sheet of paper is a piece of a fine craftsmanship by itself.
I am playing with transparency, notion of movement (breathing)…

Close, watercolour on Hayle Mill Hot Press 145gsm 770x570mm
Is referring to feelings generated by the possibility of simple touch between us and our loved ones, and the deprivation of being limited to communication through screens and social distancing.

Inside (Imaginary Autoportrait), watercolour on Hayle Mill Hot Press 145gsm 2 x 570x770mm
An imaginary autoportrait from inside with impact on the function of breathing

Breathe In – Breathe out, watercolour on Hayle Mill Hot Press 145gsm 770x570mm
An autobiographical painting, a meditation about the simple movement generated by breathing

Artist statement

I am interested in the human body; the limitations and the latitude linked to our own physicality. The transformation of our perception of it at different stages of life and different situations.

I hope to provoke feelings in people watching my work; share my inner fears, uncertainties, happiness, perception of the world…
I am making visual art because it is the most natural form of expression for me. I want to talk to people. The fascination with my inner and outer world is constant.


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