Always by Marijke Volkers, Jens Magnussen, Robert Roth, Hendrik van Oordt and Lotte van den Dikkenberg-Methorst

Based in Amsterdam, Marijke Volkers is a professional photographer with a long list of credits to her name, including assignments for the cities of Amsterdam and Utrecht, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rotterdam Harbour, and a host of corporate clients (SNS Bank, Structon, etc.), advertising agencies (Kris Kras Design, En Publique, etc.) and large non-profit organizations like Slachtofferhulp Nederland. Some of her work can be found on the following website: The text is by Jens Magnussen and Robert Roth. Jens O. Magnussen is a writer, draughtsman and flute player living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Among other things, contributor to And Then, author of Raphael’s Country / A Trinidad & Tobago Diary, Impossible Poems and the recent children’s book Stowaway Prince. Robert Roth is the author of Book of Pieces and Health Proxy. Robert is also co-creator of And Then magazine. He is based in New York. The music for “Always” was written by Hendrik van Oordt. He lives in Amsterdam. Lotte van den Dikkenberg-Methorst is a recital pianist and accompanist based in Zeist. When not playing the piano she runs her own Scandinavian clothing store ( For bookings, orders, scores and questions please contact:

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