The Love that Heals by Ciro Di Fiore (Daniel)

In this period of lockdown for the Quarantine of the Covid 19 the solidarity among the phrases in difference languages to support new rules of life but with the national characteristics of every nation and between past and present really in Italy the social centers and some citizens of Naples help the families from the balcony following the doctor Saint Giuseppe Moscati in the past and a his famous phrase in his study to raise money for his poor patients: “Who can take, who cannot put” Really these phrase are written also in his memory on the baskets of the Centers Social.

Le frasi sono anche per la salvaguardia della natura in un’ unità mondiale, e dalle parole di una canzone italiana considerata partigiana “Bella Ciao” che è stata dedicata da comunità sociali e professionali di altre nazioni ai medici, agli infermieri/e e ai vigli del fuoco italianiIl titolo dell’ opera riprende quello dl film in italiano “L amore che salva” realizzato dalla RAI e dedicato alla vita di San Giuseppe Moscati

The Love that Heals: dimensions cm 25 x cm 35

Media: mixed/collage digital art, photo printed,

Materials: paper, adhesives letters of various type ( rubber, metallic, glitters. plastic) design created with Adobe Illustrator, glue glitters coloured

CiroDi Fiore (Daniel) is a mixed media artist hyperrealism, conceptual, fashion and whithim. The fashion goes in the art and in the music, and in every creative and cultural spheres and in every sector, but it is not the usual meeting between these types of creativity with contaminations neither an exchange between them and nor a simple combination.

Daniel objective is to give in every sphere and community of the art and in other cultural and social contests the clothing and the accessories in their technicality and not with simple shows or catwalks of a few minutes or a few hours.

He wants to change the spaces of a gallery or of a cultural association or a fair, not to push the user of the work to make only some comparisons but to allow him to enter through fashion all sectors and linking them to it, and to create a synergy so as to root such profound not only in the society but in every aspect of the social context.

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