Abrade by Jezzelle Kellamgraphite drawing (A3)

graphite drawing (A3)

My subject matter represented in my work tends to question the perceptions of the world around me. The aspects of our lives we often see, but often do not discuss. My work stirs the viewer to create their own subjective narratives through the use of ambiguous compositional elements, this is important for my artwork to generate a discussion and intrigue the audience. The ambiguity of the works encourage for discourse to roam where it needs to go, not where I intended. Ultimately creating an answer, in the moment, based on the viewers realities.

Solely working in graphite, my interest lies in monochromatic work, being able to command the medium to encapsulate a body or an object through the use of applying layer upon layer, I think the layers act translucent, each scar, blemish and wrinkle on the skin can be layered upon each other, resulting in fascinating textures that appear abrasive.

The technique I use is a monotonous process which suggests parallels the routines of our society. The routine which, through creating artwork, I attempt to circumnavigate.



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