Expectations by Pete Donnelly

This stands at 270mm and is a combined resin sculpture and body cast using two separate moulding techniques. The child’s face serves as an expression of vulnerability and apprehension on the body of a bird which reflects the potential for freedom and independence. The hand serves as a presence of authority, firmly directing the subject towards the expected pathway.

I am a Yorkshire based sculptor and work in a variety of different mediums including resin cast, mixed media and ceramic art. I have been developing various sculptures around the themes of social perceptions around mental health which have been inspired further by the impact of lock down which has served as both a difficult time for many and an opportunity for reflection.

Both the ceramic method and the process of casting in resin are fairly long procedures which rely upon patience and an attention to detail. I have expanded upon an interest in traditional figurative sculpture and developed forms in order to represent reflections on the theme of mental health, confidence and the many associated contradictions present with the human psyche. My work is generally based around the human form, however I often manipulate this image in order to serve modern themes, most prominently mental health and the complexity of the human condition.I have worked in the field of mental health for many years and continue to be astounded by the lack of understanding, social stigma and hidden struggle many have to endure. More than this, I continue to be touched and encouraged by the kindness, strength and emotional resilience those I work alongside.

My aim is to communicate fragments of this complex picture in a way which prompt the viewer to reflect upon their own thoughts and opinions on the subject.


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