We Ain’t Got a Clue by Michelle Baharier

Videos I made during the lock downs, they are performances not just poems to be read

I also made videos well before as performance pieces to deal with mental distress

I am the founder of a squatted arts centre that was a charity that went pear shape, that run Arts and mental distress for arts sake.

I am a contemporary interdisciplinary Punk D.I.Y ex-squatter practising artist with an MA from Slade School of Fine Art. My work explores our emotions – the human condition, how we survive and thrive on our journey through life, interwoven with our identity’s and in my case, as a disabled working class, Jewish women.

From 1993 – 2016, I was Founder and Artistic Director of CoolTan Arts based in Southwark, London. This charity existed to improve the lives of people in mental distress through professional creative, self-advocacy and volunteer opportunities within the arts. CoolTan went on to win 27 awards and was continually funded by public bodies such as Big Lottery and Southwark Council.

My independent practice is embedded in D.I.Y punk activist traditions, exploring my multi-layered identities and my work is socially engaged, exploring life’s journeys and the human landscape. Due to my intersectionality, I am able to voice the extraordinary, the ordinary, the unheard and bring neglected stories and histories to life.

My work has been exhibited around the world in the UK, Spain, US, Israel and Belgium as part of both fringe and large scale arts events. Notably, I exhibited work in the US, representing the UK Disabled and Woman’s Artist Network funded through Arts Council England. I have also been commissioned to create work by Wellcome Collection, Tate Modern, Science Museum, SHARP Gallery, Heywood Gallery, Unltd, and I have won awards including the Julian Sullivan and the NatWest Bank award for Arts.


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