Chaos by Tracy Davidson

Embroidered vintage doily

My work is strongly informed by my childhood memories & experiences. My father served many prison sentences and in my work, I express how his confinement affected my family and also notions of lost childhood. In addition I focus on my beloved grandmother’s battle with Alzheimer’s. She was a very strong woman who suffered much adversity in her life. She has always been a constant inspiration to me in many different ways and I owe a lot of my values to her.

Within my work I explore ideas of fading memories and the loss of the essence of a person to the devastating illness.I use vintage textiles including handkerchiefs, napkins, baby clothing and doilies to print and stitch onto. Words, as well as images of personal objects from my past, feature strongly in my work.

Since the COVID pandemic I have begun to make my work again after a couple of years of abstinence. It has helped me with my mental heath and I have found it very therapeutic.
The piece I am submitting depicts how my brain sometimes feels when I’m struggling with my mental health.

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