WHITE IN WEIGHT by Imogen Knight

‘WHITE IN WEIGHT.’ 100 x 120cm, acrylic on canvas.My response to the moment Patrick Hutchinson carried a white counter protestor. Perhaps, in a society characterised by systemic racism, this act of civility creates a dual narrative, without given context. More details: www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-53044138

My practice is concerned with our current fracture point, as we substitute real place for virtual space. I enjoy collaborative projects but also sometimes a physically ‘detached’ way of working, referencing schools of thought such as empiricism, encouraged by Eckhart Tolle’s writings. This creates duality in my work: the imagined and the real, the manipulated and the natural, the collective and the individual. My collaborative projects and their objectives are stirred by our contemporary re-alignment with Romantic values: the irony of collective isolation in the wake of COVID-19. Natural and administered regeneration has also become a prominent theme in my work as I have recently explored the democracy of art, often overlooked by our ‘practical’ and private worlds.

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