Lockdown Series by Kate Aries

Inspired by these unprecedented times, with many of us physically isolated from friends and family, I have depicted imagery that represents a communal longing for touch and connection. Though my work typically revolves around a personal female narrative, I have also tried to consider differing experiences and perspectives. The flowers are from my daily allowed walks at the start of lockdown, I was drawn to the comfort in the blooming spring flowers, juxtaposed to the general sense of fear and gloom. The rainbow has come to stand for something hopeful and positive as well as paying tribute to the medic personnel. The series features bright multi-coloured backgrounds in reference to this, as a documentation of this extraordinary time where now, more than ever, we need art to enhance our connections with others and mutual understanding in our differences.

Kate explores perception and illusion through experimentation with the camera, using different techniques to obscure and restrict her body. Kate uses the body as a way of questioning her identity in the contemporary world, physically, sexually, virtually and digitally: often creating a tension between a position of sexuality and one of vulnerability. Feminism and female solidarity have become an important part of Kate’s practice, as well as the adverse effects of isolation and helplessness. The body is increasingly represented to us through digital mediation. Kate’s practice focuses not only on embodied experience, but also the manipulated and processed image and the mutability of identities in this increasingly mediatised society. Devices and digital technologies provide new ways of seeing, as well as being seen, changing the way we relate to the image and, ultimately, each other.


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