Aly Injured by Mick Smith

Oil painting on canvas by Mick Smith. 45cm x 36cm.

Text to accompany piece by Aly Smith –

With my bipolar I am fortunate to usually have insight to when a hyper is about to hit. I can avoid triggers such as alcohol and going to gigs and the bizarre task that is avoiding all music by Pulp. I love Pulp but the crescendos in the music and in Javis’s performances lead me into exalted moods that on occasion have resulted in special tablets being administrated by the Community Mental Health Team….

This portrait was painted by my partner Mick 6 years ago. I was manic and I also was a super hero. I could fly. Except I couldn’t and ended up in a back lane flat on my face awaiting an ambulance. I buggered my nose and was patched up beautifully in A&E.

I look scared in this portrait. I was.

Mick Smith is a Newcastle upon Tyne based artist who works on large scale portrait projects exploring social issues.

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