Carla Conte – Qaurantine Peace Mirror

1. Made in the first week of finding myself in quarantine in Argentina, in response to a call out from an artist friend who engraves portraits on mirrors, asking people around the world to make an art work on a mirror to reflecting on this shared unusual moment we were living through. I wanted to connect to others, in particular the peace in others, and move away from what felt like a collective anxiety. I enjoyed working on the mirror as a literal reflection of of what we were doing, and the reflected bars and sky as a comment of freedom.

2. The sculpture was made between my 2 quarantine locations in Argentina and London and reflects the split experiences feeling during this time and made with the meditative process that the situations created for me in that time.

Carla Conte is a London based multi disciplinary artist, maker and community worker. She has exhibited in and organised events and projects nationally, working across different themes including; women, giving people a voice, death and mother earth. Her love of nature, communication, cohesion, collection, stories, travel and ritual are threads that run through her works. Wood is her first love and she is currently concentrating on developing her collection of carved figures. While natural, found and recycled materials are the most common features in her art, she works in a variety of media from digital to installations.

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