Bird in a Storm by Jan Grotenbreg, Robert Roth, Hendrik van Oordt & Lotte van den Dikkenberg-Methorst

Jan Grotenbreg is a widely admired Dutch painter of skies, moonshapes and animals, most recently birds and clouds. With well over 60 exhibitions and sales throughout Europe and America, he lives and works in Amsterdam. His work can be found at Robert Roth is the author of Book of Pieces and Health Proxy. He is also co-creator of And Then magazine. He is based in New York. The music for “Bird in a storm” was written by Hendrik van Oordt. He lives in Amsterdam. Lotte van den Dikkenberg-Methorst is a recital pianist and accompanist based in Zeist. When not playing the piano she runs her own Scandinavian clothing store (

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