Stillness in Motion by Shani Zahav

The current situation might have compelled us to stay in, but might have also made us shift our focus from the outside to the inside as well. This is a time to get back in touch with ourselves. The idea behind my sculpture is to inspire a change within. One way of getting there is by practicing yoga. Yoga has known to be a posture based physical fitness and a stress-relief technique. However, it also has a spiritual core. Although some yoga practitioners are only there for the physical challenge, others are looking to find something beyond themselves. They seek to experience energy within and without, to gain spiritual awareness and find their center. In this sculpture I wanted to express stillness in motion. Stillness of the mind while the body is in motion. I created the figure during yoga in crescent moon pose. The figure was simplified into minimum elements in order to create a sense of silence. The same silence practitioners experience during yoga sessions as they let go of their thoughts in order to be completely present in every posture. If you keep your attention focused completely in the body, you will be rooted within.

Posted in C19

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