Peace Begins with Me by Shani Zahav

This sculpture describes a person in an ongoing process of transforming into a rainbow as a symbol of peace. The idea behind it is to inspire a change within. I think in these challenging times we might have a substantial need for peace. We need to remember that inner peace is a matter of choice and it should be our top priority especially now. This is the time to get back in touch with ourselves. No outside goal could ever make us feel complete. I chose to express this concept by creating a person in a kneeling position while his hands are pressed together in front of his heart in a gratitude gesture. I wanted to create a position that will express both humbleness and of turning the attention inwards. I believe gratitude is a key element in achieving peace. Being grateful gives us peace of mind and makes us appreciate the beauty of life so much more. It can be as easy as saying thank you, so simple and yet so genuine. In order to emphasize this view, I created the rainbow not as a whole, but piece by piece, each one reads ‘thank you’. Each one of us is a piece on the path to peace and our inner change will echo around us and create a ripple effect. We might be just a few thank you’s away.
Thank you.

Posted in C19

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