Feel the Silence by Shani Zahav

The current situation might have compelled us to stay in, but might have also made us shift our focus from the outside to the inside as well. This is a time to get back in touch with ourselves and understand that everything we’re searching for is already within us. We just have to start taking responsibility for our lives. As Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. I believe that in challenging times we should do our best to quiet the mind and listen to our inner voice. The idea behind my sculpture is to inspire a change within, of awareness to the present moment. One way of getting there is by meditating. Outwardly, it seems simple, just a cross-legged sitting position. However a yoga practitioner is aware of the complexity of this pose. A complicated posture doesn’t have to be of a physical challenge, but a mental one. The mind could twist, move and struggle before it calms down. I wanted to express this inner intricacy in my sculpture by a combination of curves and lines that intersect to form the figure. Yet there is a sense of serenity that is created thanks to the color and the overall flow. This flow means being liberated from our thoughts. Only in the stillness of our mind we can listen to our inner voice and get in touch with the power of here and now. We can never know what the future holds, we only have this moment to be in tune with ourselves.

Medium: paper mache with metal wire on a wooden board


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