Nevermind Today by Tiz Creel

The “gallery that does not exist” is a virtual cultural space that I created to be able to show artwork after the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic. The first exhibition, “Nevermind Today” is a series of digital works created randomly and therapeutically while being confined at home. Perhaps as a representation of open-ended absurdity or a mere act of creation without partialities. Because the reality is relative, I use fiction to see invisible things. Art is the highest form of hope and darkness alike, and it can reveal the most intimate aspects of ourselves. The virtual exhibition consists of 5 different interactive and immersive works.!
I do believe that the isolation and the general situation will make many people start creating art that will later define this era. The work that is created during this time will be part of history in one way or the other. Art will always continue to thrive, evolve and challenge the world. The Gallery that does not exist is my contribution and my wishes for the future.!
To experience the gallery space, go to:
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