Find Your Own My Time by Robert P. Clarke

Find Your Own My Time by Robert P. Clarke

Find your own space
With the face that you’re on
As the train stops at the station
Lift your head up from the phone
Raise a brow, Berry Brow,
We’re not quite there just yet
So I bury my face back down smart
To find my own time
It’s not really that cool
Hash Tag, It’s sad in the end
I’m a bit lonely really
And a bit depressed too
I missed all the action
The lively scenery passing by
The rolling hills, green and lush
And a fleeting glance in the distance
Of the Emley Moor Mast
And looking out over Denby Dale
From its impressive arched bridge
If only I’d have stopped off there
I could have eaten a slice of pie
Then stopping at Penistone,
The music hall from the past
Playing old dancing music
Swaying along with it
And singing out loud
As we pass Silkstone Moor
Then we head towards Barnsley
Which has a place in my heart
Where my dad really smiled
Born in a terrace there
He really embraced this place
And just before he passed
He reminisced from the past
His child hood experiences
Playing out in the street
And I looked up from my smart phone
I’d have probably missed
All my historical connections
From my past,
Finally catching up
And I find my Own Dwell Time
With the face that I’m on
As the train stops at the station
I lift my head up
From the smart phone that’s my life
I raise a second brow now,
Just past Meadowhall,
The Sheffield lad I’ve turned into,
I get up to depart,
From the train terminating,
And I dream of a time,
When we can all enjoy,
This dwell time…
I’ve enjoyed


Self Portrait For Dwell Time

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