Yoga Pose and You Will See by Robert P. Clarke

Yoga Pose and You Will See by Robert P. Clarke
Sit comfortably in a chair,
Close your eyes,
and slow your breathing.
Start to imagine drawing a picture,
using an imaginary object to make your mark,
draw a round object in your picture
and imagine what size it will be,
visualise yourself making this circle
Using another medium
If you were using paint before,
Now use a chisel to carve
Step inside what you have created.
Experience it.
Dream it.
Smash it.
Distort the fragmented object
and bend these into a new object.
Now take that object
and dream what you will do with it.
Build a story around your new object,
a narrative story,
that uses symbolic references in your life…
Now open your eyes,
look around
and take your new reality,
Take it with you…
Take it away
And dream more
The Form Within Series Image 5 CroppedThe Form Within Series Image 4The Form Within Series Image 6Yoga Pose and You Will See Series Image 6

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