This is a photo essay about my friend P (2019) by GMB

With love to P from G


Sometimes she laughs , Sometimes she cries.

P is a close friend of mine, a soul mate. We have great laughs together.
But she is also at times so down she cries & shakes & stammers. That makes me sad.
She loves to drive her truck to the beach.

She is very brave. She has bags of courage.
Once when she was working as an usherette in an old cinema it was attacked by zombies & she had to lead everyone to safety.
P was born a boy but she knew that she was a girl.
She was Peter Pan who needed to become Wendy.
Like Peter she knew how to fly.
She practised by driving her motorbike very fast. She raced on tracks all over. She was leaning. leaning, leaning. Sometimes she fell off & slid under the bike..
When you are travelling at speed you need to remember to stop before you stand up.
Lean into the corner..falling falling falling.. earth sky earth sky earth sky…

When she had decided to become Pia or Petra or Penelope she practised with a short, short dress, lipstick & a platinum bob. It wasn’t really her but it worked.
She’s more of a dungarees & jeans girl. She looks good in tight jeans & a crop top. She is lovely.
Her depression & anxiety gets her down.
She has nightmares.

Ms P be strong. Don’t forget you have learnt to fly.
Love GMB.


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