Neural Integration (2017) by Sonia Ben Achoura


Neural Integration
76 x 101.5 cm
Acrylic on canvas

This painting is inspired by interpersonal therapy. Also known as the ‘talking cure’, this therapeutic process requires active involvement by two people. Rather than a passive listener, the psychotherapist engages with the experience of the patient. The mechanism whereby healing occurs during therapy is through neural integration, involving high levels of empathy and insight from the therapist to transform dissociation of experience into integration. In these optimal conditions, healing occurs. In neurological terms, this process involves the rewiring of brain pathways.

About the artist:

The mystery of human existence is one that I explore through both art and science, two disciplines which overlap in my work. An artist and psychologist, I draw inspiration from my academic investigations. My work explores psychological phenomena, concepts and theories including dreams, therapy, mindfulness, or neuroscience. My paintings often focus on aspects that hold potential for improving psychological well-being. I attempt to create art works that are conducive to improved well-being and deeper states; Paintings that focus the mind, silence inner chatter, for the achievement of deeper states of mind.

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